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Posted by: davidemonin Jul 15 2010, 11:06 AM
David was born in France just east of Paris, but grew up in Los Angeles,
California and now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

David's interest in music mainly started when he got his hands on his dad's
vinyl copy of Oxygen by Jean Michel Jarre, at the age of 5.
Ever since, he has been very passionate for atmospheric and melodic music

David mostly enjoyed listening to new age and ambient music in the late 80s
until he discovered the sounds of trance and progressive music in the early to
mid 90s.

In 1998, he decided to invest in a dj set up in order to spin and create his own
prog/trance mixes.
In 2004, David started a dj show which he called "Atmospheres" consisting of
melodic trance and progressive music which aired on an online trance radio
station named which later became

David became one of the main crew members for a few years where he
recruited dj/producers from around the world to have their own dj shows, took
care of the schedule as well as other station responsibilities, including the
ambient/chillout program called "Chillout Sundays"which featured shows from
several Chillout Djs from around the world.

But as he was mixing EDM music, he did not forget nor stop listening to the
softer melodic downtempo sounds.

David later decided on taking a break from EDM mixes in order to concentrate
on a dj show concept that would only focus on Ambient, Chillout, New-Age,
Classical and other relaxing musical sounds.

He decided to call this new show "Dreamscapes", as a representation to what
these styles of music make him feel and see!
Dreamscapes started in February 2005 and has been airing on different online
radio stations ever since. (,,,

In January 2013, David started another new show called “Journey Through
Space” featuring sounds that could be defined as Space Ambient music.

David has also made guest mixes for other Dj shows though the years.

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